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Elevate Your Clinics/ Salons Offerings with Younger Inc. Advanced Miracle Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

Stand out in the aesthetics industry by incorporating our medical-grade Miracle Advanced Anti-Ageing Moisturiser into your clinics offerings — a symbol of skincare sophistication. A lightweight multifunctional vegan moisturiser that expertly hydrates, smooths and brightens, leaving skin with a long-lasting radiant and velvety finish.
Suitable for all skin tones but inclusively developed for the unmet needs of melanin-rich skin.

Younger Inc. products are scientifically developed with even the most sensitive complexion in mind. This is smart skincare, that delivers serious results. A sophisticated selection of tech-enhanced vegan ingredients that target only irregular melanin to preserve your natural skin tone while correcting pigmentation, rough texture and age spots while boosting collagen production. Our patent-pending complex is at the heart of every concentrated formulation proven to diminish premature ageing and hyperpigmentation while strengthening your skin barrier for more resilient, younger-looking skin.

Here's what makes it a game-changer:

Clinically Validated Efficacy: Empower your clients with rapid results, removing premature ageing and hyperpigmentation in just six weeks. Significantly reduced hyperpigmentation, faded dark spots, improvement to skin-texture issues caused by acne scarring, enlarged pores and fine lines. 100% Proven Results: Every single participant reported a remarkable difference in their skin hydration.

Beyond the Ordinary: Broaden your client base by catering to melanin-rich skin's unique needs, while ensuring effectiveness for all skin tones. Showcasing your clinic's dedication to all-encompassing care, while ensuring versatility. Ten years of research to deliver formulations that include clinically studied ingredients targeting premature ageing (photo-ageing and hormonal skin) and hyperpigmentation.

Expertly formulated with a proprietary blend of powerful tech-enhanced vegan peptides, antioxidants, amino acids and ceramides that target damaged skin cells with exceptional cell regenerating properties to boost collagen and elastin and effectively reverse premature ageing for intensely hydrated, velvety smooth and visibly radiant skin.  

Unisex Inclusion: We've pioneered a scientific approach, ensuring our clinical testing and selection of technology enhanced ingredients encompasses the varied challenges posed by perimenopausal, menopausal and adropausal skin, experienced by both men and women with melanin-rich skin, furthering our commitment to universal medical-grade skincare solutions. Key ingredients include: Tranexamic Acid, L-glutathione, Alpha Bisabolol, GABA, Kojic Acid, Niacinamide, Glabridin and more.

Breakthrough Innovation: Utilising cutting-edge phytotechnology’s, Younger Inc. Miracle Moisturiser ensures the vegan ingredients have been engineered into tiny particles, making them small enough to squeeze through the skin's most resilient skin layers. Ensuring their optimal delivery to their targeted deeper skin layers, bypassing barriers that often limit the efficacy of other products that remain on the skins surface. This allows the targeted delivery of actives to fibroblasts and mitochondria, optimising their effects on cellular health and skin rejuvenation.

Enhance Results Post Treatments: A post-treatment moisturiser, enhance the results of a professional laser treatment, mesotherapy, micro-needling and more. The Miracle Moisturiser continuously delivers improvements to your client’s skin as maintenance between professional treatment visits. It contains a blend of peptides, polyphenols, antioxidants, amino acids and ceramides, which support the results of professional care treatments and skin repair functions, including new collagen and elastin. An effective way of achieving healthy-looking skin, followed with advanced skincare at home to extend and maintain the results while aiding recovery. 


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