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Younger® Inc. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

At Younger® Inc., our ethos is rooted in inclusivity, luxury, empowerment, sustainability, vegan principles, cutting-edge science and clinically-proven efficacy. We champion a world enriched by advanced anti-ageing vegan skincare and wellness solutions. As a science-tech-led brand, we're proud of our dermatologically tested products and our pledge to make a positive difference.

We are deeply committed to ensuring our business operations reflect our dedication to social and environmental responsibility. We understand that our actions can make a difference and thus, have crafted the following policy guidelines to embed our values in every facet of our operations.

We also invite influencers, ambassadors, and distributors whose beliefs resonate with ours, to collaborate with us. Together, our shared values can create a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

  • Energy Conservation: We invest in energy-efficient appliances, infrastructure and renewable energy sources. Regular audits help us monitor our energy consumption.
  • Waste Management: Our focus is on recycling and composting to consistently reduce waste. By prioritising recycling and composting, we aim to reduce our overall waste output year on year. Single-use plastics will be phased out from our operations.
  • Transportation: We Encourage employees to use public transport, carpools, or bicycles and explore hybrid where possible.

Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Sourcing

  • Supplier Vetting: At present, we meticulously vet our suppliers, ensuring their labs and practises align with our no animal testing ethos. All of our suppliers are ISO-certified entities. We regularly evaluate suppliers on their sustainability and ethical practices. Our commitment to cruelty-free and ethically-driven research is unwavering. 
  • Animal Welfare: Our unwavering commitment is to cruelty-free sourcing. This means no animal testing and ensuring the welfare of animals in any of our supply chain.
  • Transparent Reporting: We're transparent about our sourcing, annually publishing sustainability reports. Additionally, our products are tested using Epiderm, showcasing our alignment with synthetic skin testing benefits.

Supporting Grassroots Charities & Foundations

Younger Inc and Momtaj Foundation Empowering single parent families back into society.

Younger Inc. proudly supports the Momtaj Foundation. A unique grassroots charity empowering single-parent families, mainly female-led, in third-world countries who have experienced unfortunate circumstances. We help by donating to improve nutrition, education standards, health and quality of life.

Other collaborations:

  • Collaboration with "PETA": We pledge to work closely with PETA, aligning our operations with their goals, ensuring our operations resonate with their aspirations for a cruelty-free world.
  • Profit Sharing: We allocate a fixed percentage of our annual profits to our partner charities, amplifying our positive footprint in the communities we impact. 

Our Commitment to you

At Younger® Inc., our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is not just a policy; it's a pledge to our stakeholders, the environment and the future. We will consistently review and refine our efforts, seeking new avenues to make a positive difference.