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fine lines and wrinkles

Problem: As the skin ages, it loses its elasticity and hydration, leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Exposure to UV sun on unprotected skin can also lead to premature ageing, visibly appearing as hyperpigmentation, discolouration and more. 

Younger® Solution: Our advanced technologies work in synergy with our proprietary delivery system, targeting the root causes of wrinkles at a cellular level to fight UV damage, inflammation and pollution while promoting fibroblast cells that produce vital proteins like collagen and elastin. By utilising nanoparticles, our formulations penetrate deeper into the skin, rejuvenating and restoring its youthful elasticity and hydration.


Problem: Excessive melanin production, often due to sun exposure or hormonal imbalances, melanocytes that produce melanin produce too much melanin, leading to clusters of hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Younger® Solution: Our advanced solution addresses hyperpigmentation by curbing melanin production and using our groundbreaking delivery system. This ensures that the active ingredients reach the deepest layers, effectively targetting only irregular melanin to preserve the natural skin tone while correcting pigmentation, rough texture and age spots.


Problem: Discolouration, whether due to scarring or skin conditions, can lead to irregular skin tones. 

Younger® Solution: Our unique combination of advanced technologies specifically targets the affected areas, ensuring slow release of actives for continuous benefits. Our proprietary delivery system ensures that active ingredients reach the deepest layers to bolster the skin's microbiome and take on stubborn brown and grey patches with powerhouse actives that disrupt the causes of unwanted discolouration, erasing dark spots and restoring an even complexion.

Menopause & perimenopause

Problem: Hormonal shifts during menopause and perimenopause can lead to skin thinning, dryness and increased sensitivity.

Younger® Solution: We have formulated treatments specifically for these hormonal shifts. With our advanced technologies and delivery system, the active ingredients provide deep hydration and dramatically shield skin cells with transepidermal water loss, bolstering the skin's natural barrier and combat sensitivity, while restoring the skin's natural glow. By supporting the energy production in mitochondria, skin cells can better repair themselves and regenerate, leading to healthier skin.

Sun Damage

Problem: Prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun can result in premature skin ageing, pigmentation and other forms of skin damage. This sun-induced ageing (photo-ageing) manifests as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and reduced skin elasticity. 

Younger® Solution: Our formulation counteracts and repairs the detrimental effects of sun exposure. By utilising advanced technologies combined with a proprietary delivery system, we target the damaged skin layers. The active ingredients, encapsulated at a nanoparticle scale, penetrate deeply, reducing the signs of photo-ageing and protecting against further sun-induced damage.

Melanin skin

Problem: In skin tones that tan, trauma like scars in the form of melanin clusters can reinforce the skin barrier and be challenging to penetrate with regular products that treat the skin's surface the same, leading to uneven results.

Younger® Solution: Our advanced formula is suitable for all skin tones and contains powerful active ingredients at a nanoparticle scale are designed to penetrate stubborn melanin clusters, catering to the unique needs of skin prone to pigmentation.

Summary of Ingredients & benefits 

🌼 Alpha-Bisabolol: Soothes and calms irritated skin. Delivers gentle, natural soothing.

💧 Tranexamic Acid: Targets hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

🌿 Glabridin: Brightens and fades dark spots.

🍃 Prebiotics: Nourish your skin's microbiome for a healthy glow.

💎 Tri-Peptides: Support collagen production for firmer, youthful skin.

🧡 Niacinamide: Minimises pores and enhances skin texture.

What Sets us apart

Traditional skincare deals only at the superficial layer; Younger’s proprietary and advanced delivery system uses a targeted and timed-release technology which carries high-performing vegan activities to the deepest layers, i.e. reticular dermis, of skin concerns, repairing damaged skin cells, regenerating cellular activity, boasting collagen and elastin, ensuring the most effective level of moisturisation for intensely hydrated, healthy and youthful looking skin.